“A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon playing with plasticine and little people called Jose, to make my own replica, then go away and pour my own moulds thus starting a new business. A fabulous investment of time and money, to learn with Peter who has over a decade of experience in mould making”.

Kate Lyndley

“Peter’s mold making workshop was fabulous. I appreciated Peter’s calm and very clear approach to explaining the processes involved, and his patience in listening carefully to all members of the group. He was helpful not only to the “beginners” in the group, but also those who joined us with some experience already under their belt. I found his tips on what to consider when handling various tools and materials invaluable, and overall learned a great deal in a short, but very enjoyable, time.”

Clare Humphries

“A great workshop that provides a practical way to cast at home. Peter has a vast experience and is very generous with his advice. The workshop is a good investment for anyone wanting to progress their sculpting skills.”

Maria Simonelli

“Just want to say thank you for having me last Saturday. I had a really good time. Your class has definitely helped me to improve my knowledge in the area of mold making and resin casting. It was a fun workshop. Please let me know if you have any upcoming class in Brisbane in the future (or in Melbourne).”

Sharon Tey